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I Got Paid While Promoting My Business!

I Got Paid While Promoting My Business!

I'm doing it at APSense! It is a web 2.0 business social network that pays you while they are promoting and growing your business.

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Here is how it worked for me, in 5 Easy Steps:

STEP 1 - I registered and setup my personal and business profile. You can register here: http://viralurl.com/socius100/aps

STEP 2 - Then I explored and joined a few APSense interest groups, they have so many.

SETP 3 - Then I started writing some useful blogs and group discussions content pages.

SETP 4 - In these pages APSense provide a special Ad Space where I posted advertisements for my current business.

SETP 5 - That was it! While I advertised my business, APSense was also paying me when people viewed my content pages.

But that's not all, they also paid me when the friends that I invited into my network do the same thing that I'm doing. Of course this is one of the reasons why I'm inviting you to join my network at APSense.

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I just came across this really amazing site. I have never seen anything like it before.

Before I tell you about it, let me ask you a question. What is one of the most important things to have in this business?

I know, there are a lot of things, but I think the most important is exposure.

This place I found has devised a remarkable new way of doing things that is going to get me incredible exposure, in places I never would have been able to get into before.

They let me show my ad for nothing on a system that I just setup and forget about. This is such a simple, innovative system and I had it going in just a few minutes.

You don't have to do anything different than your already doing, and you'll get a lot more people to see your stuff.

Plus, I make 100% of all the payments, off all of people that upgrade. This payment part, it's automatic too. You've got to check it out as soon as possible, before they quit giving it away.

Here it is - http://www.cashwrapper.com/?1874

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PS. I almost forgot, I even make money on other peoples sites. And it didn't take a single penny out of my pocket.

Here's that link again http://www.cashwrapper.com/?1874

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Today a number of my friends who signed up to ViralURL asked me: you is it possible to really drive income from ViralURL? I hope this rather lengthy discussion clarifies everything. Please be patient as this one-stop reading will autopilot your work-at-home efforts! Those who have not yet started, click the banner above, create an account, go back and read this post, and begin counting profits today!

Promoting ViralURL has so many benefits. The main one being that you can grow a downline virally. Let’s say that you are able to refer 10 people. Normally you would only be able to email those 10, but with ViralURL’s VIRAL list-building benefits, you can email your entire downline. This means that those 10 you have referred, if they each refer 10, you can now email 110 instead of only 10. You see the power? Here it starts getting really good, if those 100 each refer 10 then you can email over 1,100 people and if they do the same your mailing list is a minimum of 10,000 not to mention what will happen when those 10,000 start referring people too!

From the above example, starting with only 10 people that you personally refer to join (the site is free and so powerful, why wouldn’t everyone you know join?) you can have a mailing list of over 100,000! What would that do for your business?

Where ViralURL is powerful is that it is a new concept and it is practical. Other list builders that say you can email down 20 levels, they are a joke! In ViralURL your downline get a lot less emails then other sites, so that makes them so much more powerful! Would you like to mail 100,000 members that get 500 emails a day, or 100,000 members that get far less a day? I know which one I would choose!

That is only the start. Promoting ViralURL also earns you a direct income. Every time a member upgrades or makes a spend, you earn money! Our Gold membership is such great value for money that it converts very well and soon we might need to increase the price dramatically to keep the amazing value intact. When we do increase the price, it also increases your commission per sale.

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